importune [im΄pôr to͞on′, im΄pôrtyo͞on′; im΄pərto͞on′, im΄pərtyo͞on′; ] chiefly Brit [ im pôr′tyo͞on΄, im pôr′cho͞on΄]
importuned, importuning [Fr importuner < the adj.]
1. to trouble with requests or demands; urge or entreat persistently or repeatedly
2. Archaic to ask for urgently; demand
3. Obs.
a) to trouble; annoy
b) to impel
to make urgent requests or demands
[ME < OFr importun < L importunus, unsuitable, troublesome < in-, not + ( op) < portunus: see OPPORTUNE]
rare var. of IMPORTUNATE

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(by entreaty), (by repeated requests), , , ,

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